In order to build a first world church in a third world nation, it takes the partnership of like-minded churches, organizations and individuals. Together we are building that church.


Pastors Robert and Karyn Barriger founded Camino de Vida in 1989 with a passion to further God’s kingdom in the world, and specifically, in Peru. Their desire to show God’s love in a tangible way, through humanitarian aid and outreach project, has been a part of Camino de Vida since the very beginning.

Churches were never meant to be just a place for people to gather on Sunday morning and have their own needs met.

 A thriving church takes what has been given to them (the love of God, talents and passions, resources) and in the spirit of Jesus, shares those gifts with those around them.



CASA GRANDE 114/116 C.C.


LIMA, PERÚ  |  01-312-6048